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Certificate of Eligibility for spouse

We, Familia Gyoseishoshi Office provides you professional service to make application for Certificate of eligibility for


Spouse of Japanese


Spouse of Permanent resident


Spouse of Longterm resident


Application to immigration in Japan.




Pwede din po ang mga Long Term Visa Resident holder na makapagapply ng Eligibilty ng kanilang Spouse kahit hindi pa Permanent Visa holder.


Be aware that even you have proven that you love each other so much its not enough reason to be given the approval of Certificate of Eligibility.


Most of the couple who tried and applied for visa on their own some others are being denied because of lack of documents and turned out wasting time for more than 3 months of waiting.


Our office processed many cases so we can analyze the possibility of your application if you are able to be given the Certificate of eligibility for your spouse.


If you are having a hard time to apply or had been denied we are here to help and guide you. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.


Our Assistant is Filipina and Ms.Asami (Sensei) can speak English and easy Tagalog


Feel free to message us via our Facebook page or Call now!


Live in Japan with your Spouse.


Familia Gyoseishoshi Office


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