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Qualification for visa status as ” Child of Japanese “

There is a lot of question “Since I am a child of Japanese, I want to live in Japan.”


Here I will give a specific example to answer.


Status of residence as a child of Japanese


There are two division called “child” in the immigration control act.


 1.  The person born as a child of Japanese

A biological Japanese child. Illegitimate child or legitimate child who has been recognized as a child. But not an adopted child.



2. Adopted child by Special Adoption 

This system eliminates the legal parent-child relationship with the adoptive child (parent of birth) and establishes the same parent-child relationship as the real child, and it is necessary that the child is under 6 years old.


To be a special adoptive child, it is generally necessary to adopt children in the Philippines.



Note:  In the case of a wife’s son (a minor child), there is a high possibility that you will be able to obtain a “resident” (a minor child) without being adopted.




Then I will list a lot of questions.


Question 1

I am a Filipino national living in the Philippines.


My father is Japanese national, and when my mother came to Japan as a talent, she became in love with him and became pregnant.


My father came to the Philippines when I was born and he signed acknowledgement of paternity of my birth certificate, but my father’s family register in Japan does not contain my name.


After that, I cannot get in touch with my father.


Does my father’s recognition in my birth certificate in the Philippines give me the residential status as child of Japanese?


Answer 1

In order to obtain the status of residence of a Japanese child, it is necessary to describe the facts recognized in the father’s family register.


At present, it cannot be acquired because it does not meet the requirements for acquisition.



Question 2

I am a Filipino citizen and currently living in Japan as a spouse of Japanese.


I have children in the Philippines and are currently 24 years old (adult).


Recently said child was adopted with my Japanese husband.


Can my child get a status of residence as a Japanese child?


Answer 2

Your child has been adopted, but even if he is adopted, he cannot obtain status of residence because he does not meet the age requirements.


Question 3

I am a Filipino citizen and currently living in Japan as a spouse of Japanese.


I want to make my relatives living in the Philippines (1 year old in the Philippines) into children of our couple. Can I recognize this child and obtain a status of residence?


Answer 3

If a one-year-old child is adopted under Philippine adoption law, it is possible to obtain a status of residence.


However, the conditions under which the Philippine adoption law is very strict, so the actual procedure may be difficult.


Question 4

What are the conditions for adopting Filipino children?


Answer 4

When a foreigner (Japanese) becomes an adoptive parent of a Filipino child, the foreigner must live in the Philippines.


There are other conditions such as age conditions and income, but it is practically difficult for Japanese nationals living in Japan and Filipino nationals to officially adopt under the Philippine family code.