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For Filipino【COVID-19】Information

We had many inquiries about visa/ embassy information/ airline by COVID-19 continued, we gathered up information.


Immigration in Japan(Visa)


Extension / Change status 


Immigration will be accepting applications to change the status or extension whose expiration date for their period of stay is due in March, April, May or June for an extended period of three months from the expiration date of the period of stay of the relevant foreign national (excluding foreign nationals with the status of residence of “Designated Activities (Departure Preparation Period”) 


In other words, the foreigner who stay in Japan by tourist visa now, and expiration is coming, they can extend visa AFTER 3 month of expiration.


Before they go back own country, they need to go Immigration and apply for the extension, so they can go home without any problem. That we understood. (It is not meaning automatically extended their visa).


Rule change every day, so please confirm before go back own country.




Airport departure / Re-entry




Tourist visa holders, working visa holders who finish the contract can depart from Japan normally.


Filipino who has a problem with domestic land transportation, they can apply for extension after 3 months of visa expiration. Please apply for the extension before exit Japan.


For those Foreign nationals who departed from Japan with re-entry permission from now on, even if they have “Permanent Resident”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident” or “Long-Term Resident” statuses of residence are subject to refusal of landing without special exceptional circumstances. Meaning please stay in Japan. 




Re-entry for “Permanent”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese”, “Spouse or Child of Permanent” or “Long-Term Resident”


Departed from Japan on or before April 2, 2020 will be no problem to enter Japan.


Depart from Japan on or after April 3, 2020 will be denied for landing in Japan. Please stay in Japan.




Japan embassy in the Philippines


Tourist visa for Japan; Suspended (for humanitarian consideration or urgent need)


Visa for using certificate of eligibility; Suspended






Japan airlines; OPERATING


Manila Haneda – Manila JL077/
March 29 – April 30, 2020 Suspended
Narita – Manila JL741/
March 29 – April 14, 2020 Operates on Tue, Fri, Sun
Suspended on April 5
April 15 – 30, 2020 Operates on Tue, Sat (Operates only on April 15)
March 29 – April 30, 2020 Suspended




All Nippon Airlines; OPERATING


Tokyo(Haneda) = Manila NH869 /NH870


March 29 – April 24  Operate on Mon, Wed, Fri (from 7 flights to 3 flights per week)

Operate only NH869 (Haneda to Manila) on April 3.




Philippine airlines; Suspended

Cebu Pacific airlines; Suspended

Jetstar airlines; Suspended


Philippine embassy in Tokyo or Osaka


Both suspended for consular service (Legal capacity for contract marriage, Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, Passport extension) (POLO Tokyo for technical intern trainee program, working visa verification)